Salt Spray Chamber

Ulabester Salt Spray Chamber Meet international test standards. Have automatic demist device, can clear observe tested products after the experience is finished.

  • Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber ULB-E11

    Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber ULB-E11

    The whole equipment adopts material of 5mm import gray PVC sheet, Internal adopts advanced band produced three-dimensional reinforcement technology, with strong structure, no deformation, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, and no aging. It is applied to all kinds of test specifications such as salt spray, copper acetate, etc.

    Heating method: test room adopts steam direct heating method, temperature rise fast and uniform, reduce the standby time, the heating tube is made from titanium tube with high corrosion resistance.

    Laboratory commodity shelf uses plane dividing shelf, commodity shelf is the ¢10mm toughened glass rod with corrosion resistance. Plastic steel V type shelf and glass rod placing objects make sure the sample 30 degree bevel angle, the angle can be arbitrarily adjusted,the direction of spray falling around is the same as the direction of spay receiving, test piece is set with large quantity.

    Sample supplement jar adopts hidden and water level perspective window attached, it is easy to clean and not easy cracking.

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